Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Do you have someone in the Royal Army Medical Corps?

The historical issues of the Royal Army Medical Corps are freely available online.

For anyone interested in medical treatments over the last 112 years this is a journal for you. First issue is for 1903.

Of particular interest are the issues relating to the medical treatments during the First World War.

Of interest to family historians is the section relating to transfers of men within the RAMC.
And it is not just the officers as it also listed rank and file.

There were also listings of birth and marriage notices as well as some obituaries.

December 1914

September 1915
December 1914
There were also lists of commendations, many of which were also in the London Gazette but may be worth checking if more information is listed in the RAMC journal than the Gazette particularly for things like being mentioned in dispatches.

So if you have an interest in medical procedures or you have family in the Royal Army Medical Corps you should really look at this journal.

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